Potable Water and Irrigation Usage Charges Adjustment Request Form

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Portable Water and Irrigation Charges Adjustment Request
There is a $35 service fee for this request. Upon customer request, UCNSB may adjust potable water and irrigation usage charges if there is appropriate proof that a system leak and subsequent repairs on the customer’s side occurred. Documentation of the leak and repair from a plumber or other service provider is required. UCNSB reserves the right to require additional documentation prior to consideration and is the final authority in the determination of adjustment requests. Usage pattern during the timeframe in which the incident occurred must be abnormally higher than average for an adjustment to be issued. Limit of one adjustment per location per service type (potable water or irrigation) each calendar year. Adjustments must be requested within six (6) months of the incident. Only potable water and irrigation usage charges may be adjusted. No adjustment is made for service base rates. Current credit request fees apply.
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