No-Cost Energy Audit Program

For Residential and Small Business Customers

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Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Phone (386) 427-1361 | Fax (386) 424-2713 |
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Please have a copy of your Utilities Commission bill on hand at the time of the audit for the State of Florida certified Energy Rater, Stan DiBello.  Call 386-427-1361 if you need to request a copy of your latest bill.  Mr. DiBello will call you to schedule an appointment.  Be sure to check for official UCNSB identification when he arrives.
I,   am requesting a free energy audit.  I understand I will be contacted by Mr. DiBello to schedule my audit after returning this signed form. I understand the audit will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and  I need to be present during the audit.  I know there will be a $35 no-show fee on my next Utilities Commission bill if I am not present at the time I have scheduled to meet the Energy Rater.  I understand there is a limit of one free enery audit per calendar year per service address.
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